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    European Tooth Fairy

    In Europe it was a common practice when a child's baby tooth fell out to bury it in the ground. The tooth was likely buried in the garden or surrounding field. It was done so that a permanent tooth would grow in its place.

    The other reason for this ritual was the superstition that if a witch got a hold of the tooth, a curse could be placed on the child. By burying their children's teeth, this unfortunate curse was prevented from happening.

    As people migrated to America, many of the same beliefs and superstitions followed them. However, since most of the people now found themselves living in towns and cities, bare land wasn't as plentiful. They began placing the teeth in small flowerpots, or planter boxes. Eventually this rite too changed, and the fallen out tooth was placed under a child's pillow, where the parents switched the tooth (always in the middle of the night) for a treat or money.

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